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  1. The Founding of a Republic[2009][DVD5/NTSC][Audio Chino sub. español][Histórico]
  2. Fist of the Red Dragon [1993]~[Donnie Yen]
  3. Judge Archer[2016][DVD5/NTSC][Audio chino/Sub español][Accion]
  4. The Great Wall[2016][DVD5/NTSC][Audio y Sub Ing y esp.Lat.][Acción. Fantástico]
  5. Jackie Chan Presents Amnesia[2015][DVD/NTSC][Aud y Sub Ing y Esp Latino][Accion]
  6. Lost in Hong Kong[2015][DVD5/NTSC][Audio Chino y Esp.Lat/Sub Español][Comedia]
  7. The Mermaid[2016][DVD5/NTSC][Aud.Chino y Espa.Lat./Sub. EspLat][Comedia]
  8. Kung Fu Chefs [2009][NTSC/DVD5][Aud. Chino/Sub Español][Acción. Comedia]
  9. Choy Lee Fut (Fight The Fight) (2011) DVDR/EspSub
  10. Super Bodyguard[2016][DVD][Custom][MG][UB]
  11. [Exclusivo]Lost in Thailand [2012][DVD9-NTSC][Sub.Español][Comedia]
  12. Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)[DVDR]
  13. Imperial Bodyguard (2011) Custom5
  14. Dream Home (2010)[DVDR]
  15. Mojin: The Lost Legend[2015][DVD9/NTSC][Adu.Chino//Sub Español][Aventura]
  16. The Sorcerer and the White Snake-[2011][Audio castellano]
  17. Monk Comes Down the Mountain[2015][DVD5-NTSC][Sub español][Artes Marciales]
  18. Legendary Assassin (Long Nga) (2008) DVD5
  19. Tai Chi Hero (2012) DVDR/Mandarin/EspSub
  20. Cui mian da shi[2014][DVD-NTSC][Aud. Mandarin/Sub Español][Thriller]
  21. MOVIDO: Legendary Assassin (Long Nga) (2008) DVD5
  22. 2046 (2004)[DVDR]
  23. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons[DVD5/PAL][2013][Accion]
  24. Painted Skin [2008] dvd5 [NTSC][resubida]
  25. A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop (2009)[DVDR]*Repost*
  26. Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)[DVDR]
  27. Painted Skin 2 [NTSC/DVD5][Aud: Chin/Subs:Ing y Esp.Lat]2012
  28. Amazonas Legendarias[NTSC][Aud: chino, esp. lat. Sub: Español Lat][Accion][2011]
  29. The Lost Bladesman [2011][NTSC][DVD5][Aud:Chino/Subs:Ing,Esp.Lat]
  30. House Of Flying Daggers (2004)[DVDR]
  31. Pay Back[2013][DVD/NTSC][Aud.Mandarin/Sub Español][Accion]
  32. The Monkey King: The Legend Begins[2016][DVD5/NTSC][Sub español][Fantastico]
  33. The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk I[1993][DVD5][NTSC][Aud. Chino/Sub español][Acción]
  34. Hero (2002)[DVDR]
  35. Wu Xia (2011)[DVDR]*[Repost]*
  36. The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk II [1993][DVD-5][NTSC][Aud. Chino/Sub español]
  37. Set Off [2008][NTSC-DVD5][Comedia/drama][Sub. Español]
  38. MOVIDO: Set Off [2008][NTSC-DVD5][Comedia/drama]
  39. MOVIDO: The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk II [1993][DVD-5][NTSC][Aud. Chino/Sub español]Acción
  40. MOVIDO: The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk I[1993][DVD5][NTSC][Aud. Chino/Sub español][Acción]
  41. Fearless ??? [2006] [NTSC-DVD9][accion]
  42. Red Cliff (2008)[2xDVDR]
  43. CZ12 Chinese Zodiac (2012) DVDR/EspSub
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